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About Us:

The CEO and founder of this website is Saad Ehsan, a web engineer and developer who heads the team of young SEO experts, content creators and researcher who are focused on providing the information about career oabtortunities to the youth of Pakistan. Our whole team is Pakistan based and we do not recruit any foreign national because our services are For Pakistanis by Pakistanis. That aim came in the existence and MyJobsPK.COM

Admin (Engineer Saad Ehsan): [email protected]

Our Goal:

The main goal of MyJobsPK team is to provide information about new jobs in Pakistan. Accurate, in time and quality of information at one website. Our team is well talented and experienced to face any challenge and we are deadly serious in our mission.

Why we are different ?

Online job information and guidance is very important in today’s fast world and to keep pace with the changes, We have dedicated section to user interaction and reply management, Many other website do not response quickly but we do, All other major websites only cover top-level jobs or paid announcements buy we don't, we cover all kinds of jobs regardless of the size, geographical area and these are the factors which makes us different !

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