Food Packing Jobs in Canada For Pakistani

We are here with another job opportunity from the overseas. Interested applicants who want to work in the foreign country and want to enjoy the all perks of welfare state are encouraged to apply in the Canada. This job opportunity come in the form of food packer. There is no restriction about gender. They are also giving good amount of salary and you will really be comfortable doing work there.

Salary & Working Hours:

All round package is $14.55 per hour and the minimum hours you have to job there is 32 to 40 hours. It is a full time job not the contract based job. This will make Pakistani 280,000+ for a month which is more than suitable.

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Qualification Requirements:

You do not need any prior qualification for the job but they have outlined that better the education will be then better your chances to become get the Job.

How To Apply?

Candidates you can get this job by applying on their email given below:



We don’t ask for money, and we don’t require it. This is an information-sharing platform designed to assist you in finding a job in a foreign country. This will aid personal development while also being beneficial to the nation.


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