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Importance of Wi-Fi :

  • Many Devices can connect to a single Wi-Fi So there is no need for much WiFi. Only a single WiFi can connect to many devices at a good speed.
  • Nobody is bound to sit in front of the device to catch the signals of WiFi. It can connect whether or you are sitting to some distance. There will be a good connection and signals will be provided to you if you are sitting away from your WiFi device.
  • There is no disturbance in adding new users or networks to the Wi-Fi. It is a smooth process.
  • It gives you more flexibility in your work. You can do your work whenever you want to. There is no restriction.
  • It gives a good speed and provides you a better connection to download various videos, images, and many more things from Google.
  • It is very easy to operate the device with the help of WiFi. There is no difficulty but simplicity in using WiFi. You can open anything from any site you want.

History and Background


  • WiFi is simply a means of programming which is wireless and transmits the signals like radio waves. There is a very interesting background and history of WiFi. Many people, teams, and groups are trying to search about the historical background for almost a score or a couple of scores. In the past years of 1990, many techniques and features are designed and operated for the standard of the world. It had taken almost a score of huge efforts and a great number of projects which are similar to the actual WiFi level in 1997. He has been still counted as much effort to know about WiFi. It is still a difficult question that why are we using WiFi? What is WiFi? Why are we people say that WiFi is a wireless programming network?
  • The answer to this question is quite difficult because it is very complex to explain the history of WiFi and the reality of this explanation is very difficult to interpret. There is no sequence of the events and discoveries. It is quite difficult to find out what and which person had discovered the particular thing. There are certain things that are leading lights to know about reality.


  • Aloha is an abbreviation of Advocates of Linux open-source association. In the 1960s, a group of 9f researchers at Hawaii University started to find out that whether these signals of Wi-Fi are the same as radio waves and whether the computers can communicate through these signals. This research was initially started by the researcher Dr. Franklin and after him, Norman Abramson and a few departments and groups started joining them.
  • During this time period, the wires are connected to the computers and it was the most advanced and common method of that time. The system of wired networking was promoted initially and then packet shifting by Paul Barn was introduced in 1964 which was then illustrated by Donald Davies in 1968. In the year of 1971, ALOHA became the universal and the most common wireless packet for data connection among the whole world.
  • By the spreading of ALOHA, Abramson and his companions had to face many problems and then they try to resolve these problems. These were the fundamental problems of containing the breakdown of broadcasting. To avoid and solve these problems they allow different kinds of stations to dispatch the data when they had it. Also, these stations ensure that they pay attention to the broadcasts and solve all the problems. Every time there was a breakdown of transmission, these stations would solve the problem and re-dispatch the connection again. This was a beneficial and great effort but many servers also face some other problems in their connections.
  • ALOHA was a great technological discovery but it was better only for trial and not for advertisement. In 1970, most of the regional wired networking was present.

• Searching History:

  • Your WiFi supplier can view the history of what you have searched. This is a drawback of WiFi. For example, your WiFi supplier can view when you turn on your device and connected to the Wi-Fi. He can also watch the time span you have spent on the specific site. Also, he can watch your whole time spent on the browser and the WiFi connection time.


• Every time when you press a URL you can observe in your domain starting like HTTP:// or HTTPS. These kinds of IP operate to dispatch portal and portal browsers to get information packets. There is a big difference between HTTP and HTTPS. And that difference is the insertion of a secure socket layer and transport security layer on the uppermost side of HTTP.

• The SSL/TSL is a security certification that provides you complete security that allows the safe interaction of the user with its search engine. In other words, the whole data which you are searching for or watching is completely safe when it passes from SSL. So, by applying this you can secure your data, and also your Wi-Fi supplier will not be able to watch it. It is the best way to hide your history and your data will be unseen by your WiFi supplier.

  • Browsing History:

It is most commonly asked that whether the WiFi supplier can watch the browsing history or not? So, the answer to this question is simply yes. Your Wi-Fi supplier can watch your browsing history and can be able to see what you have opened and can watch the application you are operating. You can also remove your browsing history by two methods. The first one is VPN and the second one is TOR.


It is abbreviated from a virtual private network. The first method of keeping save your history from others is using a VPN. With the help of a VPN, you can watch anything without knowing it to others. No other person can watch what you have searched and viewed whether you are using WiFi or a hotspot. It is the most popular and common way of using the internet to avoid your history from others. No one can watch what you have viewed and searched.


TOR is a search engine. You can use TOR to hide your browser history. The whole which is connected to the TOR is unsecure, so no one will notice and observe what you have searched. TOR search engine is a slow medium. It plays videos very slowly. Most of the people watch here those videos which are restricted and not allowed to watch so they don’t need much speed.

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