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Snack video

Snack video is a Chinese app. It is a social platform that lets you make and watch short videos that you can also share with other users. It offers great entertainment and fun while surfing the internet. In this app, you can enjoy funny dialogues, movies scenes, and songs in form of short clips. By using this app you can also make a lot of money as this application is promoting itself. Many other apps pay for watching videos but snack video is a very different and unique app.

Snack 12,000 Earn

Snack video sections

1.My coins


MY coins

Snack video is basically a game of coins. You get coins if you watch videos or your friends watch videos and all the other activities you take part in all day. Then your coins convert into cash before 8 am the next morning.


In this section, you can withdraw your money after coins are converted into rupees. You can perform the second procedure of withdrawing your money after 24 hours.

Snack video earning methods

  1. Earn by invite new friends
  2. Earn by invite old friends
  3. watching videos
  4. sharing activity
  5. daily check-in
  6. Earn by creator rewards
  7. weekly 30,000, cars iPhones

Earn by invite new friends

You can earn a lot of money by inviting new friends who have not joined this app yet. In this method you copy your invite code then you ask your friend to install this app. After creating a new account they bind your code and you get Rs 500 in rewards.

invite old friends

You can also earn money by inviting old friends. In this activity, you send your invitation link to your friends. Your friends accept that invitation and both you and your friends get rewards.

watching videos

You can earn money by watching videos. Your coins start increasing as you watch videos then these coins automatically convert into rupees.

sharing activity

In this feature, you can earn money by sharing activities. You get 1000 coins after sharing this activity and then these coins convert into rupees. you can share this activity with your friend once a day.

 daily check-in

You can earn money with this feature too. The snack video itself gives you this activity to perform. You find this option of daily check-in when you open your snack video when you click on it you find coins daily.

creator rewards

This is a hidden feature of snack video and few people along with snack users know about it. You can earn money with this feature. There are some demands of this feature as your videos should be

  • High in quality
  • Original content
  • Videos rich, complete, and structured
  • Effective use of background music etc

Earn by weekly 30,000, cars,iPhones

How To Earn Money From Snack Video - My Jobs Pk

You can earn money from these offers. Snack videos allow you to get cash prizes, cars, and iPhones.this is an offer given to you almost every week or after 15 days. To complete this weekly event, first of all, you go to the app copy the invite link, and share it with your friends by using apps like Facebook, what’s an app, or any other application. Then you ask your friend to open the link and to click on the “Give a hand” button then you and your friend both get the reward.

Snack video tips to get more followers

  • Use of trending hashtag
  • Post original content
  • An attractive snack video profile
  • Stay tuned with the trend
  • Keep posting videos consistently
  • Share your videos on other platforms
  • Engage your audience what they like
  • Trending page

1.Use trending hashtag

You can get more followers and views if you use the Trending makes your videos attractive and eye-catching.

2.Post original content

You can get more followers, views, and likes if your content is original and it reveals the real effort made by the author and is far away from the copy-paste system.

3.Create an attractive snack video profile

You can get more followers if your profile is attractive. It also affects the audience’s mood and you can get more views and likes.

4.Stay tuned with the trend

You can get more followers if you stay connected with the trend. Your videos will get more views if it follows the trending features. Trending videos get more rewards in respect to other videos.

5.Keep posting videos consistently

You can get more followers if you daily post videos on snack videos. There should be consistency in your videos. You should post almost 2 to 3 videos in a day.

6.share videos on other platforms

You can get more followers if you share your videos on other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, what’s the app, etc.

7.Engage your audience to what they like

You should engage your audience in what they like in this way you will get more followers and likes. If your videos will be attractive and eye-catching to an audience you will get a reward in the case.

8.Trending page

You will get more followers if your videos go to the trending page and in this way you can get more followers and automatically more earnings too.


Guys I have tried to explain every single step about snack video. If you are looking for tips and tricks about snack videos you can find all this in this article. If you have more questions in your mind or want more explanation about the snack video then make sure to comment. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and other social platforms.

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