Lee Foundation Gives Scholarship For International Students At Duke-NUS Medical Institution In Singapore – 2021

Lee Foundation Scholarship For International Students At Duke-NUS Medical Institution In Singapore

Application deadline: 1st September 2021.

Lee Foundation gives different scholarships to students at the international level. This school of medical science wants to promote the talents of students. There is an association between Lee Foundation and Duke-NUS institution. This institution for international students is located in Singapore. The students who want to continue their studies at very low costs and are in a search of a good institution can apply here. It facilitates with best studies at the National level. This institution provides the best studies with fewer study expenses in the world. It offers international students to apply and get an education from here at in very low fee.

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Scholarships at Duke-NUS:

Many students in different countries and areas are facing financial problems during their studies. Duke-NUS is a medical school that offers different scholarships for deserving students to promote their talents. Students can apply for the scholarship according to the category in which he falls. This institution provides three different types of scholarships for students. Students can apply for the following scholarships

  • Merit-based scholarship
  • Tuition fee loan
  • Bursary
  1. Merit-Based Scholarship:

The merit-based scholarship is the first type of scholarship which is given to the students after watching their abilities and skills. This scholarship is given for four years. The facilities provided by this scholarship are residence, study expenses, fees, and other dues during studies.

How To Apply For Merit-Based Scholarship?

The most important question here, is how to apply for this scholarship?

The first and main point is that the students have to apply with 28 days. After that, the application will not be accepted and rejected.

  • This scholarship can avail the selected students after the interview at Duke-NUS institution. Only 4 students are selected for this scholarship per year. GOH provides this scholarship to talented students.
  • . This scholarship has an aim to promote and give courage to hardworking students.
  • Shaw Foundation Scholarship is that scholarship that is provided to the regional or international students who want to study and already have a good educational record.
  • A Kong is also a scholarship under Duke-NUS institution. This scholarship is given specifically to the residents of Singapore and to those students who are permanently living in Singapore and are facing financial problems.
  • Kwan Temple Scholarship is provided to those students who have passed their first-year examinations and now are the students of the second year. This scholarship is specifically for second-year students.
  1. Tuition Fee Loan:

Tuition fee loan is the second category of scholarship in which students can apply. In this category, those students can apply who are financially unstable. The students of the only matriculation can apply for the tuition fee loan scholarship.

  1. Duke-NUS Bursary Scholarship:

The bursary is based on the domestic and financial conditions of a student. Students who have financial problems and domestic monetary can apply for this scholarship at Duke-NUS institution. The bursary is provided for 4 years to a student. The student who wants to avail of this scholarship has to apply just one time in the starting. There is no need of applying again and again.

  • How To Apply For Bursary?

Applicants can apply for bursary within 28 days after the entry of student’s interview for Scholarship at Duke-NUS institution of medical. The student who applies for this scholarship has to wait for the decision of the committee. The committee will decide which student is more deserving and can get this scholarship.


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