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Online Earning Methods in Pakistan:

With the ongoing pandemic, and increasing unemployment and economic downgrade in Pakistan, many people want to change their source of income to Online Earning. And it’s a good thing because online earning has many advantages over physical job in Pakistan. You do not have to go to some sort of office. You can also work on “your” schedule and no one will force you to be according to their schedule. In Pakistan, it is very difficult for females to earn due to social stigmas but any female can earn and become independent using online earning methods without having to go against their society. Online earning is also the best pocket money source for young students who need money for their day to day use. Any person can earn online as a part time job. There are numerous ways you can make money online.

Basically Money is a medium for exchanging Value. So if we want to make money online we have to provide some kind of value that someone else is willing to pay for.

There are three main ways you can provide value over the internet and these are our three levels of making money online. These are as follow:

  1. Services
  2. Products
  3. Attention

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Level 1: Make Money Online By Selling Your Services

This one is probably the easiest way and it’s the one I recommend for everyone to begin with. There are 2 simple steps for this:

  1. Develop a skill people are willing to pay for it.
  2. Find people who are willing to pay for that skill.

Step 1: Developing skill:

If you think you do not have any skills, it is ok. You have the internet. We can learn any skill because there is a ton of information on Google about every skill. You don’t even need to pay to learn these skill as it is completely free on different applications like Google etc. These are some valuable skills for which people all around world to hire you:

  • Video Editing
  • Graphic designing
  • Web Designing
  • App Development
  • Logo designing

These are the skills that can offer you a reliable source of income because they are highly valuable and very few people are able to do this stuff like edit a video for different brands, social media influence, and design or built a website, design a logo or graphics, and develop an app in Pakistan.

If you do not want to learn all these or do not have time for this, do not need to worry there are also many services that require less effort and you can make money easily through these skills. These are:

  • Proof Reading

    is the first way; you can use this to earn online money through it.

  • Data Entry

    is the second best way of online earning.

  • Blogging

    is the third and the most common method today. Most of the people start with their own blogs and use it as a career in their future.

  • Reviewing

    is the method in which people gives reviews about different products of different brands. They are highly paid to recommend things from any brand.

  • Writing:is a very good and beneficial skill. Many people use this skill to write different contents and get money through their writings.

These are easy yet effective ways of making money online. And they can serve as stable source of income for anyone who is not much qualified because it only needs skill not a degree.

Now as you have been informed about many skills people all around the globe are willing to pay for, let us move on to the second step.

Step 2: Finding People to Pay for That Skill:

There are many ways you can find people who will pay you for providing them with services related to your skill. There are many online websites for this purpose. The 2 main websites are Fiver and Up-work.

There are hundreds of thousands of people on these websites either freelancers or clients. You make your profile and start working for any client who approaches you and in return they will pay for you. The best thing about these websites is that you can choose your price yourself. And if clients are happy with your work they will rate you 5 stars. In this way, your portfolio grows and you are approached by more and more clients. Ultimately, in future, you can increase your prices.

Level 2: Selling Products

You can also make money online in Pakistan by selling products online. There are 2 types of products that you can sell over the internet; online products and physical products. In Pakistan physical things like groceries, cloth and tech products etc. Can be sold on websites like and and you can make profit on these items.

Digital products on the other hand are even better. Digital product may be an online book, a paid app, a website, an online course. Because they have only one time manufacturing cost can be sold again and again, have less or no cost of maintenance, we can make the product once and sell it again and again. This is much better way of making money online because it offers a huge profit.

Level 3: Attention

When you sell online products or provide services related to your skill, you get attention on the internet. You can even use this attention to make money!!!

Many brands will reach out to you and offer you money to display ads of their products.


At first, you may think your progress is slow and clients are not approaching to you but you have to be consistence. Consistency is the key. If one method does not work for you try another, eventually you will be stumbled upon something that you are interested in and make money from it. Maybe even more than your full time job. And you absolutely do not need to spend money as everything along you online money making journey will be free and you will not need to spend money on any degree or skill.



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