Taxi Driver Jobs in Canada For Pakistani

Want to work in the international country and with all the facilities, best thing will be you have to work on your own pleasure. What can be better than Taxi job in a developed country with full welfare status. They are expecting 5 people to work with and total of 5 vacancies. Below we are going to enlist the job descriptions and different expectations they are expecting of interested applicant.

Taxi Driver Jobs in Canada

Taxi Driver Jobs in Canada For Pakistani

Salary & Working Hours:

All round package is $28.00 to $40.00/ per hour and the minimum hours you have to job there is 40 hours per week. It is a full time job not the contract based job. This will make Pakistani 280,000+ for a month which is more than suitable.

Job Requirements

There are some job novelties you have to follow while on the job and we are going to tell you so you can be prepared ahead. As a driver you have to keep record of transactions and then keep record of everything. On the way you have to collect fares and help passengers with luggage and help them to reach their destinations.

How To Apply?

If you are interested to apply for the job then email at this email address


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