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The Latest Method Of 2021 To Check WhatsApp Details

  • Social Application:

Whatsapp is a social application that is the most useable application nowadays. People use it to send messages and to receive messages from any other person. To check the details of message sending and receiving there are various methods. The easiest and convenient method of checking details is W-Tracker. W-Tracker is also an application that is used and installed to check various details about WhatsApp account. Applications like W-Tracker have become the basic need today. Because of the increasing usage of social media and the internet, it has become necessary for everyone to make the check and balance of their younger’s.

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W-Tracker Application:

  • W-Tracker is an application that is installed to check about different details on WhatsApp. It provides an important function to see the last seen of any person. In the present age, most parents are worried about their children that either they are studying or wasting their time chatting with friends. This application has solved their problems because parents can maintain the check and balance of their child through this app.
  • Through this application, you can also watch different activities of a person on his WhatsApp. You can also watch that how many times a person logins his account and the number of logout times. It provides complete information about the login and logout of any account. It can also tell us about the last scene of a person who has made his last seen off in his account.
  • With the help of this application, you will also be able to see the last scene of a person who has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Features Of W-Tracker:

  • The first and most useful feature of this application is the process of deleting numbers.
  • The second important feature of W-Tracker is the reporting to your email.
  • The third and last feature of W-Tracker is that you can mute notifications when you are busy and not able to watch any kind of notifications. You can mute notifications there.

Details Of W-Tracker Application:

Version 1.0.4
Category Free tool application
Offered Universes technology Ltd.
Released on 28 September 2021
Updated 1st July 2021
Ratings 3.8 stars
Downloads 100,000+
Downloading size 10.06Mb
Requirements Android 5.0+

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Downloading Procedure Of W-Tracker:

This application can be downloaded from Google. One can install this application form:

Google play W-Track: Last seen 3.8. (1k). This application can be easily installed on any android phone. After opening this, you have to move on next step which is given below.

Finding A Pro Version Of W-Tracker Application:

  • The Pro Version of this application is available and you can find it easily. The Pro version of this application has very cool and useful features. This application is free to use. There is no restriction or boundary. Also, you can earn more money by adding the Pro version of this application to your website because there is a large number of customers who use this application.
  • It will send you a notification when any person or any customer will open this from your website. You can also increase your performance on google top pages with the help of this application.
  • It gives you different methods buy which your page can get a high ranking on Google’s top pages. It will also tell you that which keywords are the most popular and most useful for high ranking.
  • The installation Of W-Tracker:

To install the W-Tracker application, open the Google play store. Search the W-Tracker application on the top of the page on the search icon. After searching, you are given W-Tracker application, here you can install this application easily.

After installing the application on your device, open it and start tracking your online time. Now click on W-Tracker and you can search different categories like location, IP address, etc

  • Earnings On W-Tracker:

You can earn a very handsome amount through this application. To check your earnings through the W-Tracker application, you have to open and search on the Google map that how many trackers have paid you.

  • Safety Fears:

Many people have asked about this application that either it is safe to use or not? The answer to this question is very easy and simple. This application is completely safe. You can use this application without any fear of being hacked or any other privacy issue. It is entirely safe and gives satisfactory results to the users. So, there is no kind of issue regarding the privacy or safety of one’s personal data.


There are different applications provided by the Google play store for the tracking of WhatsApp accounts. Different categories of applications are found. These applications are easy to use and very beneficial to know about different activities of different accounts. It is much beneficial for the parents who are worried about their children and want to know the activities of their child. Through these applications, they can watch whether their child is studying or wasting his time on WhatsApp by Chatting in different groups or with his friends.


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