Top 10 Insurance Companies in Pakistan

As we have covered about different insurance policies and what elements you should consider before purchasing an insurance policy. Along with this we are hoping you now know about jargons and different extents of the Insurance policies and topics. Today we are going to discuss the different insurance policies which are not only famous in Pakistan but also credible and you can trust these companies.

Top 10 Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Jubilee Insurance

On top of the list is Jubilee general insurance company limited and their mission statement is integrity, certainty and team work. They are famous for their good customer support service and wide variety of insurance policies which cater to all of need of people.

Adamjee Insurance

Established in 1960s, Adamjee has proved themselves top material and setup their offices worldwide. Their mentality behind the setting the policies and providing services revolve around the corporate mentality. You can see the systematic element in their services and policies.

EFU General Insurance

Another famous name in insurance business, EFU General insurance established in Pakistan with the independence of the country. They quickly became the superstar in the corporate world. They were not only dominating in the Pakistani sector but also made name for themselves in the Asian region. Their international presence can be seen in the integrity of their work.

TPL Direct Insurance

This company established little late then the precious companies which we have mentioned. It was set up in 1990s and a subsidiary of international brand. This was the time when Pakistani people are becoming interested in insurance world and they are looking for their safety of assets and life. Because of international expertise they are the best combination of the Human resource development and technology.

United Insurance

This company is filled with rich history of Pakistani culture. It started from 1959 and serving Pakistani community since then. They offer wide variety of policies and serves to almost all type of the communities in Pakistan. With more than 100 branches they are dominating the insurance policy business.

Ace Insurance

Another international company and existed even before the inception of Pakistan. With their international links they are providing best for their customers in Pakistan.

Agro General Insurance

They serve high end businesses and corporate clients. Their customers are business and works in the B2B sector.

Alpha Insurance Company

This company has seen the fluctuations in their business sales but now they are stable and working for best and providing best for their clients. They are majorly dealing in the corporate sector.

Askari General Insurance

They are the future of insurance company and they have branches all over the Pakistan. Their effective insurance policies are the reason for their credibility

East West Insurance

This company know their clients and their needs best. They are the best car insurance company and their another company which assists them doing so is Trakker network. They also provide the map settings and mobile applications to their clients.

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