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WhatsApp Trackers For Android Phones:

WhatsApp is a multimedia application. It has become a very popular and the most useable application in the present age. This application allows you to send and receive different kinds of media and messages like videos, audio clips, voice calls, video calls, etc. It is the easiest and convenient way to talk with your friends, family members, etc. To use this application non-stop, you should have a good and continuous internet connection with a good speed. There are a great number of options to track your WhatsApp messages. Here we describe some of the WhatsApp trackers for Android phones.

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  1. Last Seen Showing:

Although WhatsApp trackers have become the most useable application yet it has a great number of useful features. To trace any of the contacts from your contact list, WhatsApp Tracker provides you a feature of last seen. You can see when the person was online last time. This is a very useful and beneficial feature. Through this feature, parents can check their child’s activity. They can be able to see whether their child is studying or using WhatsApp for chatting with their friends or for any other entertainment purpose.

  • Details Of Application:

Require Android 5.0+
Rate 3.60 stars
Developer Web source limited
Price Free
Date of broadcasting 26 February 2021

Features Of This Application:

  • Notifications can be sent through it
  • It can be easy to use
  • You can watch display useful activity list
  • Shows whether the person is online or not
  • Shows the last scene when the person was online last time
  • It gives you free three days trial
  • It provides a spontaneous interface


The last seen application is only to show when the person was online last time but does not give access to any personal information of any account. The data can also not be shared through it. It only allows you to watch the last scene.

  1. What’s Trackers Application:

What’s Trackers application is convenient and safe to use. This application works for the user with safety. It is easy and very simple to use. There is no technique or difficult methods to use this application. It has a friendly interface with users.

Don’t you feel curious to know that who has visited your profile? It is human nature that he always wants to know which person has visited his profile and who wants to know about him. This application has solved this problem also. Now you can see who has visited your profile and who wants to know about yourself. With the help of this application, you can also know about the exact location of the contact. Also, you can know about contacts, visitors, and many other accounts.

  • Details Of Application:

Require Android 5.0+
Rate 3.50 stars
Developer QA Developers
Price Free
Update 14 June 2021

Features Of What’s Trackers Application:

  • Provides you the whole information about the person who has visited your profile.
  • No GPS is required for this application
  • You can watch the time of all the visitors who have been visited your profile
  • There is a need to permit to access your connections
  • You can also watch those profiles that are visited by you

How To Use What’s Tracker’s Application?

  1. Install what’s tracker application in your android phone from the Google play store
  2. When the app is installed successfully on your android phone, you have to open the application.
  3. After that, tap on agree-on the button and then continue using the app.
  4. Then you are given an option to select the country. Here you can select the country you are living in.
  5. After selecting your country, you have to enter your phone number.
  6. Then you can sign in by tapping the sign-in button.
  7. Then you are asked about your name. You have to enter your name.
  8. After this, you have to select your gender either male or female.
  9. Then click on the continue button.
  10. Allow or permit to start using the application.

WaStat Application:

It is the most useable and factual application today. For the searching of the time period and for viewing of last seen this application is best for these purposes. This application is specifically used for regulating all the functions of WhatsApp messenger. Through this application, we came to know about the time period we have spent on using the application or about any other person who is engaged on WhatsApp for how much time. One can also watch the history of the last thirty days and the time spent on WhatsApp in the form of graphs. One can use this application to know about his family members or his child that whether his child is busy studying or wasting his time chatting with others.

  • To use this application, we have to enter the phone number of the user. It acquires the right phone number of the user.

Details Of Application:

Developer Peanut Butter Inc.
Category Free tool app
Capacity grading Every one

Features Of This Application:

  • It gives notification for up to ten contacts at the same time. More than 8 contacts, it concerts notification at once.
  • Its continuously makes the person aware of anybody seems online again and again. It sends notifications continuously about that.
  • It gives explanations about the hours during the connection time.

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  1. What’s WhatsApp Trackers:

This application is a superb WhatsApp Tracker. Parents can supervise their children by using this application. It is a great gadget provided by many companies to enhance parental supervision. Parents can get information about their children through this application. You can search for your contacts through this application. It sends you a message whenever the contact comes online. Through these messages, you can watch that for much time a contact remained online. You can also check that for how much time a person gets login or logout his account. You can install this application on your PC, android phone, iOS.

Membership Rewards:

    1. Its give online intervals
    2. Its provide the trials for three days
    3. It shows track for blocking numbers
    4. It also shows the last scene of the contact

Details Of Application:

Size of application 20M
Rating 4.2 stars
Developer EcoDev LLC
Category Productivity
  1. Confined messaging:

Confined privately messaging is an application of messenger. Through this, the private conversation will be completely safe and there is no fear of losing the private conversations. It also provides you a better facility to save your chats instead of capturing the screenshots and many other ways to save the chat permanently. This application is very useful to save the chats which a person never wants to lose. This application is growing and spreading very rapidly in different countries of the world. At present, this application is used in more than 200 countries which is a very big achievement of this app.

  • Features Of This Application:

As the use of this application increases day by day. It means that it has very good and beneficial features. Here are some of these features are explained below:

End-to-end Encryption:

The first and the most important feature of this application is end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption means that it provides complete privacy. There is no chance of distracting the message. Only the recipient can read the message which is sent from the sender. This key is provided to many applications to secure the data.

SMS Security:

For the security of SMS, Industry-standard cryptography is used. This method is used to secure the SMS from any hurdle or error that occurred during the message sending or any other privacy issues that occur. It provides complete security of SMS.

Transport Layer Security:

Transport Layer Security provides complete privacy and security to the messages. It provides another layer of security to messages, quality, and to the data which is present in the form of a message.


Like end-to-end encryption, the data remains completely private. To make the data secure, it provides complete security to the data. It confined your messages and make sure that no other person can your message except the recipient.

Decoding Of Message:

When the receiver opens the message, the process is known as decoding the message. When the message is decoded, it gets accessible and can also be put out. But we use the confined method, then we can only read the message once. After that, the message will be removed or lost permanently. We can also delete the message permanently from the device to clear all the chats.

Screenshot As An Evidence:

The screenshot is used as evidence. To make sure the privacy of messages, on iOS phones and Android mobile phones there is only one of the messages is shown and the name of the sender Will not be disclosed. It is assured painted screen shield technology that the name of the sender Will not be shown.

• Conclusion:

There are different applications in the Google Play store found that can be used for privacy purposes, and to watch others’ activities. Parents can also make check and balance their children that either their children are wasting time chatting with others on WhatsApp trackers or they are doing studies. Also to know about who is visiting your profile, there is an application available in the play store. For privacy issues, there are also many applications available.


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