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What is Sim Cards?

A sim card is known as a subscriber identification module, is an integrated circuit running a card operating system COS aims to secure and store international mobile subscriber identity IMSI. You can also store your contact information on different sim cards.

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Use of sim cards:

Sim cards are always used on GSM phones, for CDMA phones. They are needed only for LTE-capable handsets. You can also use sim cards in satellites, computers, cameras, and smartwatches.


Sim Cards information:

1. start

2. Iccid number

3. Passcode

4. Sizes

1. Start:

How to use a sim card after buying it?

*Make sure your phone is off

*Find the small hole on one side of your phone

*Insert the tool or a clip that releases the sim tray

*Put the old card out and insert the new one

*Push the tray back carefully

*Turn your phone on

2. Iccid Number:

The next step is that how you find your iccid number on your Android phone.

*Select Setting

*Click on About phone

*Click Status

*Choose ICCID or IMEI info to check your number

3. Passcode:

When you buy a sim card you also receive a pin. You need a four-digit code after inserting the sim card in your phone to get full access to your operator’s mobile network.

4. Sizes:

As you know all phones need a sim card but this is not necessary that they all are equal in size. There are different sizes name as standard, Micro, and Nano.

How to get a sim card in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, you can get a sim card from any store. You have to go to certain places that have the ability to issue sim cards.

Required documents to get a sim card in Pakistan:

To get a tourist sim you have to present your passport and Pakistani visa. As for local citizens, they should have their identity cards. The government of Pakistan has made it compulsory that you can one on sim on one identity card. You also have to show your thumb expression.

The time period in activating a new sim card:

There is not too much time required in activating a sim it takes only 1 2 hours inactivation.

Sim Cards available in Pakistan:

As there are many mobile network companies in Pakistan this is very difficult to decide which one is best. Nowadays it is very difficult to live without mobiles. This article will help to decide the best network company.

1. Zong


3.U fone

4. Telenor

1. Zong

Zong is the leading mobile network company in Pakistan. It offers many packages to its customers For example Z3000 offers 25,600 MB of free mobile internet at just 2,190 rupees. They also offer a broad range of other packages.

2. Jazz

Jazz is also becoming the leading mobile network brand in the country. Free minutes data and SMS can be used throughout the day. Its super duper monthly package offers up to 3 GB,3000 call minutes, and 3000 SMS just at 577 rupees. There are many other offers as 10 GB data 5000 minutes on call and 5000 SMS at just 977 rupees.

3. Ufone

Another emerging mobile network brand is U fone. It offers up to 2000MBS unlimited use of Facebook 180 minutes and 4200 SMS.

4. Telenor:

From 2004 Telenor company has managed to gain a proper place in Pakistani market. They are giving many offers as monthly easy cards 800,300 minutes of PTCL 3000 MBS and 3000 SMS.

Punjab Government to block sim card of citizens who refuse to get Covid 19 vaccination:

Punjab Government has announced to block sim cards of citizens if they are not vaccinating of Covid 19.In Cabinets meeting under the chair of Minister for Health Dr Yasmin Rashid that

Mobile sims of people not getting vaccinated may be blocked.

Can you use a phone without a sim card?

Yes, you can use your mobile phone without a sim card Andriod smartphones totally work without a sim card. You should just have Wi fi apps and a device.

Vaccination compulsory for employers:

National Command Operation center has decided that all the public and private sector employers must be vaccinated by June 30. The decision was taken after overseeing Pakistan’s pandemic situation.

Sim information system:

*Biometric verification system

*Consumer awareness

*Be aware of phone scams

*Recognize scam

Protect yourself from scams


In this article, I have tried to cover each topic about sim cards. I have this will help you a lot in making your decision about sim cards. If you have any questions in your mind make sure to make a comment and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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