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It is an application of American freeware, specializing in text messages, voice notes, documents sending, and video recordings. Now, this application has owned by Facebook. It is much easier and convenient to contact any person from your mobile phone, rather than any other application. There is no need for any expensive and the newest model of mobile phone to use this application. If you are having an android phone, simply you can install the application.

Then you have to log in to your account or phone number. After that, you are welcomed to the application where you can contact anybody from your list through text messages, audio, and video clips, sharing pictures, and by making audio or video calls with your favorite person. People can connect on WhatsApp Features through video calls. It has become the most popular and important app among the youth. Almost everybody has a WhatsApp account on his mobile and everyone uses it almost on daily basis. It has become the basic need of every person today

WhatsApp Features

• Text Messages:

You can send text messages to any person from your contact list on your mobile phone. Simply you are needed an internet connection and then you can enjoy chatting with your friends, family, etc. Moreover, you can send any informative message to anyone. Most people use WhatsApp Features to send messages to their friends for the sake of fun, entertainment, and communication.

• Voice Messages:

Some people think that text messages contain more time. So, they use the option of the voice message. They save their time by sending voice notes instead of writing a message and then send it. Voice message requires a short time as compared to text message.

• Audio and Video Clips:

Like some professional users, others also use this app. People can share audio clips and video clips with each other to describe and make things more clear. If anyone doesn’t get the point clearly. You can explain your point through audio and video clips. Some people use this feature just for the sake of fun by sending funny and entertaining videos to their friends and family members.

• Documents Sending:

You can share any kind of documents with others. Some students need documents related to their studies, their teachers send them these documents through WhatsApp which helps them in their studies. In many offices, people require documents for their work, business, and many other notices. So, with the help of WhatsApp, they can send the document without any difficulty.

• Audio and Video Calling:

You can make an audio and video call to your loved ones on WhatsApp.You can do contact with the person who is living in the next corner of the world. Most people celebrate their events and share them with their families who are living abroad by making video call on WhatsApp. In the present modern age, the trend of local calls has been reduced. People use WhatsApp for audio calling.

Tips and Tricks

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• Live Location Sharing:

An important WhatsApp features is location sharing. One cans his live location to his friend or any family member. If someone is going to an unknown place or having any fear then he can share the live location from his WhatsApp. This makes the person feel safe and secure.

• Search A Specific Message:

You can search for a specific message from any chat by clicking on the search option which is present on the upper right side. Sometimes it is a difficult and time-consuming process to find a message by opening and reading the complete chat to find a specific message. But, now there is no need to make this effort. Just click on the search option and then write the message you want to see and you’ll get it. There will be no need of going to that person’s chat or to find the message from that chat.

• Favourite Contact:

One can find his most favorite contact with which he has done the most chat from settings. First, open the settings, then open the storage option and you’ll see the list of people you’ve chatted with. The first person on this list will show you the person you’ve chatted with the most. Sometimes an unexpected person becomes that favorite and the most chatted one.

• Double Security:

If you want to secure your data and chats keep your account secure by adding the face lock or touch ID. Every time you open your app you have to pass through these security terms. It secures your account and by increasing this security, no other person can open it except you.

• Hiding Blue Ticks:

By hiding the blue ticks you can get some time to respond to others. The other person will not know whether you’ve seen his message or not. There will be only double ticks shown to him but no blue ticks. You can reply according to your own choice whenever you want by this privacy setting. It increases the privacy of the person’s account.

• Blocking the Contact:

You can block the unknown number who texts you or disturbs you. If you want to get rid of unwanted messages and disturbance from the unknown person you can block them. By blocking, you will not be able to receive messages from that person and he can’t disturb you anymore. Most of the people get blackmailed by unknown numbers and it has the simple solution of blocking that person.

• Message Deleting:

You can delete the message if there is an error in the message or if you’ve sent the message to the wrong person. There is an option delete for everyone. You can delete the message from another person also by clicking on this option. The message will permanently delete from both the sender and the receiver’s device and nobody can see the message again.

• Chat Archives:

You can archive the chat if you want to hide the chat and don’t want to see the chat in the chat list. By archiving the chat, you can hide the chat at that time and can see it whenever you want. You can also remove the chat from archived whenever you want to unhide it.

• Chat Backup:

If you don’t want to lose your chats and want to secure them make your account connect with Google Drive. By doing this, if you lost your device or due to any other reason you’ve lost your account. You can again connect it to Google Drive and all your chats will be saved and automatically backed up. And there will be no loss of important messages from your account. Every message will be recovered.


WhatsApp has become the basic need at present. People in every field use WhatsApp features as the source of communication and data transferring. One can use WhatsApp for the sake of fun while others for business programs. This application has its own place among all the social media apps which no one can deny. Everybody needs this app to communicate whenever he needs any other person.

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