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Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that allows computers, mobiles, laptops, and other devices to connect with the internet. Basically, WiFi is not an acronym but it is the name of a brand that serves the wireless connection to the internet. WiFi is a connection of different devices with different categories like WiFi routers, wireless access points, etc. At present, the internet has become the need of every home, office, and in every working area. It provides the internet at many places for the doing of different jobs. Almost every home and office has a device with WiFi for internet connection.

Wireless Access Point:

Wireless access point plays an important role in connecting the wireless devices. A Wifi router does a great job in providing the internet to people in homes, offices, and in any place of work. It provides signals to the devices that are far away and present at some distance. It serves people in a great way by providing the internet connection practically.

WiFi Router:

These are wireless routers that are mostly used in our homes. Their wireless devices are hardware devices to which cable is attached and signals are provided by the internet providers through the connection of their cables. This WiFi router is also known as a wireless local area network or LAN.

Mobile Hotspot:

Mobile hotspot is an amazing feature of smartphones. With the help of a mobile hotspot, you can give access to the internet to that device that doesn’t have an internet connection. This feature is basically designed to provide the mobile data with another device that doesn’t have an internet connection. It is not bounded that you can share with only one person, but you can do share your mobile hotspot with as many devices as you want to share. There is no restriction on you.

Portable Hotspot:

A portable WiFi hotspot is more reliable than a mobile hotspot. It is a broadcast that uses the high speed of 3G or 4G in its usage. Cellular towers are used in this device. It is a small and portable device. You can use this during traveling or going anywhere. You can connect your various devices like laptops, iPad, and such devices while you are travelling somewhere. The cost of this depends upon the data you used.

Desktop Router:

The most important type of WiFi is a desktop WiFi router. It is a small box-like device containing a large number of antennas. These small antennas provide signals to the devices. It is that type of router whose signals depend upon the distance of the router from the user. If a user sits at a long distance from the router then there will be poor internet connection occurs and if a user sits near the router then he will be provided with good internet speed. This type of Wi-Fi router is mostly found in homes and offices. Read More: WhatsApp Latest Features – My Jobs Pk – 2021

Types of WiFi

There are different types of WiFi that provide an internet connection in different ways Each type of it provides a better connection than the other.

1 IEEE 802.11

The very first type of WiFi which is created in 1997. This was the fastest device of that time but not used today because these are not found these days and new versions are introduced instead of this. It provides internet at a speed of megabits per second (Mbps).

2 IEEE 802.11a

It was version was introduced in 1999, This works on GHz. This seems to have less interference in internet connection as this was the latest model of that time but 5GHz has the difficulty of passing the signals. Like most of the other devices, its high-rank toppings a high-rank

3 IEEE 802.11b

It was also introduced in 1999. This contains more speed than the devices which are made before. This can start from 2.4 GHz and the highest power was 11mbps.

4 IEEE 802.11g

IEEE 802.11g was first introduced in 2003 with a maximum speed of 54mbps and with the 2.5MHz band. After introducing this, the adoption of this standard has raised very rapidly.

5 IEEE 802.11n

This was introduced in 2009. At first, people don’t focus on it and its use was very less. It operates on 2.4GHz and its maximum power was 600mbps. After some time, people came to know its importance and it had achieved great importance at that time.

6 IEEE 802.11ac

IEEE 802.11ac was firstly introduced in 2014 and still uses in many places. The AC of this device, you will find still in many devices of writings. It has a great speed of 1300 megabits per second. It can connect to as many antennas as you want and provide a good internet speed.

7 IEEE 802.11ax

The next wireless is of ax standard. It provides 10gbps throughout its connection. It provides the latest and the fastest speed.

Limitations of WiFi:

  1. Limitation of range in WiFi.
  2. High consumption of power
  3. A lot of security risks.
  4. Fear of interference with other devices.


Wi-Fi has become the basic need at present. As time passes, its model also changes and the new model is introduced almost after every decade. Every new model has more speed and better performance. It is necessary for working on the internet and with the help of the internet.

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