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Introduction about YO WhatsApp:

YO WhatsApp is an application which is recently introduced. This application is introduced by Yousef Al-BASHA who is a famous application creator. In this application, the moderator or creator has entered different beneficial features which make it a more useable application than WhatsApp. It has already been explained that the latest version of Yo WhatsApp is the moderated version of the WhatsApp messenger application. It has become the smoothly most useable application behind the further applications of WhatsApp which are most commonly obtained by the internet.

The creators of YO WhatsApp have stopped the upgrading of this application many times and the present version of it is created by the original WhatsApp turn up it to the google play store. One can also install this application and become more famous by YOWA. You can also install this to your WhatsApp and can enjoy the cool features of WhatsApp. You can install it from the website by clicking on the option which will be written as a download option. YO WhatsApp has already become the most used application in the world as it has millions of its users which makes it more preferable application.

Although it has a large number of users still it is not a proper or safe application at all. Many of the users face different problems related to YO WhatsApp like viruses, low performance, application software, etc. But also, on the other hand, it is proved that it protects the data and privacy. Also, people face fewer problems and enjoy more features through this application.

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YO WhatsApp Is More Useable Application Than Simple WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp is a social media application that is often growing very rapidly day by day. Although it already contains a very large number of users it does not stop making progress. This application has proved it all safe and private so the user can use it without any fear. It has become the fastest way of sending messages and to do contact with others It plays a very vital role in our lives. Even nobody can imagine life without it.
  • This is all about text messages, sending and receiving the photos, videos, and different documents are sent through it.
  • The creators of WhatsApp has stopped introducing the new features for their application. They do not provide the features for privacy that are more prominent and beneficial for protection and privacy.
  • There are various functions of it like WhatsApp lock, chat lock, themes changing, modes of privacy, etc.

Private Features Of YO WhatsApp:

  1. Complete Privacy:
  • The original version of WhatsApp does not provide the complete privacy of messages or data. Today, whenever we discuss any application especially social media applications, the question which is raised is about its privacy policies. Everyone gets worried about his privacy. But WhatsApp does not provide its servers the complete privacy which they require.
  • It does not provide complete privacy due to which most of the people stop using this application and do not act on their WhatsApp account. Nobody wants to share his personal data with any unknown person. But here, many people steal the data of others.
  • Due to all these privacy issues, the creator of YO WhatsApp has introduced many useful features in his application regarding privacy issues which is more responsible and makes it more useable.
  1. Last Seen Off:

One can use WhatsApp without any difficulty or fear by making his last seen off. Nobody will know when the person was online. With this feature, you can fix your last seen and can use your WhatsApp without any difficulty.

  1. Who Can Call Me?

You can make your account private by applying this feature. If a person calls you on WhatsApp and you do not want to receive his call, then simply you can click on the block option and the person will be blocked. Then, you will not be able to receive any call from that person. Sometimes people call you to make active or online because it is the most simple way to approach anybody. You can use this feature and can get rid of unknown or annoying calls.

  1. Invisible From Status Viewers:

With this feature, you can stop sharing your name from the status viewer’s list. You will see the status of anybody but the other person will not know either you have seen his status or not. It will make private your status by seeing activity from others.

  1. Anti-deleted Messages:

By using the simple WhatsApp application, if any person deletes the message after sending it, you will not be able to see that message. But YO WhatsApp has introduced this feature also. You can see the anti-deleted message by this feature. This is a wonderful feature that is added to this YO WhatsApp application.

  1. Anti-deleted Status:

Anti-deleted status can also be seen through this application. If a person deletes his status you can still watch his status after some time when he had deleted that status. This amazing feature is also introduced by YO WhatsApp.

  1. Blue Ticks After Reply:

Sometimes you are busy doing different tasks or works and you are not able to reply at that time. This feature is introduced exactly for this purpose that when you are busy and you have seen the message but did not reply at that time. The other person will not know that you have seen his message or not. That person will only know when you reply to him because the blue ticks will only show after you reply to him.

  1. Personalizing Application:

This application provides the complete personalization of your chat mode, work page, and all other activities. You can change your theme as well to personalize and secure your data. You can also personalize your images as well. YO WhatsApp is very useful for personalizing the data.

  1. Themes Store:

YO WhatsApp offers different themes for its users. Many people are tired of using the typical old green and white theme of WhatsApp and they want some change in their WhatsApp. So, YO WhatsApp provides different themes which one can set the theme according to his taste and choice. There are more than four thousand themes available in this application. One can get these themes without investing even a single penny.

10. Web Page And Chat:

YO WhatsApp is an application that provides you the complete privacy where ever the chat and web page seem to like. The same shade of tabs is not viewing counter typing.

Mods Of WhatsApp

1. Universal mode

  • Language:

When you start using YO WhatsApp, you may operate all the above features or any of them. It provides you another important feature of different languages. You can select your language according to your local language.

  • Animator Icons:

If you want to enjoy different variety of WhatsApp icons, then this application is the best way to get your favorite icons. There is no need to install or download any other folder of icons or any other application.

  • Chat Cards:

The most beneficial and private feature of YO WhatsApp is chat cards. When we are talking with somebody and then you have to click the option. There is a card for every single conversation.

  • Left To Right:

You can smoothly make your chat switch off or close the chats by swiping left to right. This is a very beneficial and easy way to close the chats.

  • Disable Text Counter:

This is a wonderful feature of YO WhatsApp. The notification pin icons may produce disturbance from time to time. But the pins might be shown at the side, YO WhatsApp allows you to remove the text counter pin from the icon.

2. Home Screen Mods:

  • Your Name:

YO WhatsApp allows you to write text app prominent second and also permits to write your name and your status over the web page.

  • Text Size:

With the help of this feature, you can adjust the text size according to your own choice. You can change text size which is prominent on the YO WhatsApp screen.

  • Secret Conversation:

By this feature of YO WhatsApp, the grey lines from the conversation will remove automatically all over the big screen. This feature will give you an awesome shape to your WhatsApp conversation.

  • Contact Online Notification:

YO WhatsApp alerts you whenever a contact becomes active. You will get a small notification and a specific sound that tells you about the name of your contact who has just arrived online.

3. Chat Screen Mods:

  • Wallpaper:

Most people have the same wallpaper for all the chats. But YO WhatsApp allows you to change the wallpaper of any chat according to your own choice. You can change your WhatsApp chat wallpaper of any contact at any time through the YO WhatsApp application.

  • Contact Display Picture:

One can remove the contact display picture from the contact list. By using this feature you can only be able to see the contact names but not their profile picture/display picture.

  • Contact Name:

You can remove the contact name by header and the call option also. You will be able to see only the display picture of that contact on which you have applied this feature.

  • Time And Date:

To avoid the time and date while copying the original text from this application, you have to switch on this specific feature of YO WhatsApp. Otherwise, every time you copy any text from this application time and date will also be copied.

Other Features Of YO WhatsApp:

  1. There is always a problem which we have to face every time we download any photo. There is always a reduction in the quality of pictures that we receive and download in our WhatsApp.
  2. By using YO WhatsApp, the quality of photos will not be reduced and the pics are downloaded as it is as they are in their original form. One can send images containing the size of 18mbs.
  3. The original WhatsApp does not allow you to send more than 10 photos. But this problem has also been solved by YO WhatsApp. You can send more than 10 photos at a time.
  4. The original version of WhatsApp does not allow you to share a video of more than 700mbs and convert it into many small Clips. But YO WhatsApp allows you to send videosthath are more than 700mbs also.
  5. Most of the time it happens that we get text messages, images, or videos which we do not want to get lose or share with any other person and we install another application to save such important data. By YO WhatsApp, there is no need for any other application to install.
Name of application YO WhatsApp
Version Latest
Access to Google play store
Type Mod of WhatsApp
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